How NOT to get an F on your Heartbleed scan


“My server isn’t vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack, yet I’m still failing on my SSL security report.” Okay, first of all, if you haven’t already checked your server’s SSL rating, go check out this great tool from Qualys SSL Labs! Not sure how to read it? Well, a big red F means your server is […]

Heartbleed, OpenSSL and WAMP

Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug

Plugging OpenSSL Bug on Wamp If you are running a WAMP server and use OpenSSL you need to make sure you update your software and reconfigure WAMP. Do not worry, it’s not difficult :) How to Fix Heartbleed Bug on Wamp You need the latest version of OpenSSL for Windows (64 or 32) Go to […]

jQuery FullCalendar Example using jQueryUI Themes

Jim Gaudet

First I need to say what a great plugin this is! If you are like me, you first wanted to create a custom calendar that you can have total control over, but then when you look at all the work put into this one, there is no need! Check out the jQuery Full Calendar Plugin […]

jQuery Arrays | Create, Add To, Remove From and Compare

Jim Gaudet

Creating Arrays in jQuery At the very basic level you can create an empty array like this var myArray = [] ; I like to use empty arrays because I will fill them programmatically with HTML that is available on the page. Let’s say you have created a list from a database that looks like […]

Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet and Information

Subnet Mask

Subnet Mask Information Have you taken a TCP/IP class? Yes, I did a long time ago. Learning TCP/IP and the OSI Model has been the eye-opener for me that really took my consulting career to the next level. I spent a week in class and learned all the binary math to figure out which subnet […]